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With help from the best players in disc golf, our proven curriculum and coaching guide is currently being used and taught in 32 countries and all 50 states.

Teach the Uplay Way

with our tested and proven curriculum

The Complete Disc Golf Basics Manual

The best disc golf education resource. Our Uplay Disc Golf Basics curriculum delivers a dynamic and structured approach that will have you mastering the art of teaching in no time. By creating a secure and uplifting learning environment, our programs will empower you to provide top-notch instruction that will have your students excelling on and off the course.

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  • Great resource for PE teachers

    This book is particularly great for any PE teacher that wants to include a unit on disc golf. As someone with almost 30 years experience in physical education, I can say the text is easy to understand and covers all the basics. The teaching progressions and tips are very good, and the authors have done a great job explaining and illustrating everything.

    - M. Butler

  • Actual Disc Golf Education!

    I am amazed at the quality of the education written in this book! A translation of something that is typically tough to teach in person into repeatable and digestible material is truly something special. To anyone who wants to up their game in the Disc Golf world or empower folks in your community with Disc Golf, look no further!

    - Rose Bacci

  • The perfect Disc Golf teaching tool

    The fact that there are drills in this book to help with groups, as well as explaining safety and management of of several people at once is amazing, you don't need to think about how to deal with this and it makes it fun with all the guidance is there.

    - Maggie May

  • 4,671 Students Taught

    Between the ages of Kindergarten and 12th grade.

  • 548 Adults/Teachers Taught

    Teachers, Parents and Community Members

  • 755 Starter Packs Donated

    We were able to donate 2,265 discs to Schools. Thank you Discmania & Infinite Discs!

  • 27 Baskets Donated

    The donation of 27 baskets to schools will enable them to continue playing and teaching disc golf in the future.

  • 2,753 Discs Gifted

    Thanks to the generous donations from our partner, UDisc, we were able to provide 2,753 discs to students, teachers, and adults, allowing them to take the discs home and enjoy playing with family and friends.

  • 500+ Minis Donated

    Mini discs are excellent equipment for disc golf, and they are especially popular among younger children. Thanks to Trash Panda, we were able to donate over 500 recycled plastic mini discs, which will allow more children to experience the joy of this exciting sport.

  • Joe Rodriguez, PE Teacher

    I'm blown away by the instruction, the experience, the rapport of the students right off the bat. The kids are excited and they're learning something every time. And it's really nice that it's different for every kid and there's feedback for every kid.

  • Glenn Steinman, PE Teacher

    The pros could not identify which kids had special needs and which kids didn't... That's a huge plus for any physical education curriculum. If we can address all needs and put everybody on an equal playing field, that's such a win.

  • Nate Skermont, PE Teacher

    I can't speak anymore highly of the opportunity they're bringing our school. The teaching they're giving the kids, the energy they're bringing. And it's great for our school, it's great for the sport, everyone is winning in this situation.

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