Recycled Discs Program

At Uplay, we are committed to making disc golf accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. We achieve this goal by accepting used or donated discs and distributing them to kids or organizations who might not otherwise have access to them.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joy and health benefits of disc golf, and we rely on the generosity of our supporters to make this possible.

If you are a school, youth organization, or club that needs disc golf equipment, sometimes new or sometimes used, please fill out our Recycled Disc Application. We are always looking for ways to help, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Recycled Disc Application
  • If you have discs that are in usable condition and you'd like to donate them to us, you can simply mail them to our address without prior contact. Please note that we cannot accept discs that are chewed up by dogs or are unthrowable or broken. Thank you for your generosity.

  • Ship To:

    Universal Play Disc Golf

    2246 Cleveland St,

    Eugene, OR 97405