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Infinite Discs

I-Blend Alpaca | San Luis Potosí Fundraiser

I-Blend Alpaca | San Luis Potosí Fundraiser

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In addition to its versatile performance and unique artwork, the Infinite Discs Alpaca Putter in I-Blend plastic has an added feature that makes it even more special. This specific Alpaca putter is part of a limited run with a specialty stamp that commemorates Uplay's teaching trip to San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Not only does this disc make a great addition to any collection, but all proceeds from its sale go towards supporting this specific teaching trip. By purchasing this disc, you can not only add a unique and high-quality disc to your collection but also support a great cause and make a positive impact in the disc golf community.

So why not add the Infinite Discs Alpaca Putter in I-Blend plastic to your collection today and support this great cause at the same time? You'll not only get a reliable and versatile disc but also the satisfaction of knowing you're contributing to a good cause.

Alpaca Dimensions:
  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Height: 2.1 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.5 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.0 cm
  • Max Weight: 188.00 g
Additional Information:
  • Speed: 3.0
  • Glide: 3.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 1.0
  • Primary Use: Putt & Approach
  • Stability: Stable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Everyone
  • Plastic grade(s): Midgrade
  • Beadless
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